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The Child is in The House!  
08:22pm 14/11/2010
Title: The Child's In The House
Genre: a little bit of horror / fluff
Pairings: Ryokura
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
Summary: Ryo and Ohkura went to catch a movie and something creepy happened to Ohkura afetr that
A/N: It's my first time writing a horror story as a fic. It's not really that scary, and it's just for the fun of it. And unfortunately, i have a limited vocabulary.. So, my drabbles are always simple (:

His hands were trembling. His heart was pounding hard and all he could hear was his own breathing. Ever since he came back from the cinema, he had the feeling of being tailed. He kept telling himself that it was just his imagination. Well, what do you think? After watching a ghost story in the middle of the night, you tend to haunt your mind, do you not?

Ohkura took a deep breath, looked around and went over to the counter to make his coffee. Everything was fine, until the lights started to flicker. The rain was getting heavier outside. The strong wind blew in, banging his bedroom door closed. He planned to ignore it and continue making his coffee. He rubbed his arms, trying to calm himself and stop the goosebumps. But it was of no help.

The wind blew behind his ears, as if somebody was whispering to him. He ignored it. He knew he was just scaring himself. But his heart almost stopped beating when a small black figure became visible at the corner of the living room. His breathing stopped for a while. He was totally numb. The wind blew and the curtains flew, covering the upper part of the child, but he does not seem to mind. He just stood there, holding a teddy bear in his left arm, with eyes locked on Ohkura.

He forced his hands to reach for his phone in his pocket. Although it might not be possible for Ryo to reach in time, he thought, it was worth the shot. He dialed Ryo, but soon after he dialed Ryo’s number and pressed the ‘dial’ button, his phone dropped. His hands were trembling. He picked up his phone, but something stopped him from moving back up. Somebody was grabbing his arm from underneath the counter. Without him realizing it, he was already shouting at the top of his voice. The house door banged open and the hand released its grip. Ohkura fell down, landed bottom first.

“Tacchon!” said Ryo, running towards the counter, where Ohkura was sitting at the corner, lifeless and panting like someone who had just came back from a marathon.

Ohkura was wet with his sweat. Ryo kneeled down and put his arm around Ohkura.

“The.. The kid I saw in the cinema. The kid.. that sat in front of us.. He.. He was there.. The window..”

“It’s okay, I’m here. It’s alright, Tacchon. I’m here.”

Ryo shifted Ohkura’s head to his direction, making sure that he feels safe. He gave Ohkura a light kiss on the forehead. Ohkura sobbed hard, still terrified of what had just happened.

They spent the night in this position until the next morning.


Ohkura woke Ryo up by patting his shoulders. Ryo shifted a bit, but was still asleep. Ohkura find it awesome how Ryo can actually sleep anywhere.

“Ryo-chan,” Ohkura said again.

“Stop whining first thing in the morning, would you?” said Ryo, eyes closed while scratching his head.

“Breakfast is ready!”

Ryo stood up, stretched himself and walked towards the coffee table. Then he looked down at his.

“Eh? You took off my shirt?”

Ryo looked at Ohkura who was happily chewing on his hamburger.

“Uh, yeah. It was wet. You might get a fever, so I took it off you. You ran in the rain yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Umm. Yeah.”

“Oh, and how in the world did you come that fast?”

“I was worried for you from the start. When we were watching the movie. You kept complaining that the kiddo in front of us was annoying. But there was only a couple there. The seats beside them were empty. It freaked me out when you talked about that kid, y’know. And along our way home. You kept turning back, feeling so insecure. Half way home, I decided to turn back and watch out for you.”

Ryo was searching for a shirt to wear in Ohkura’s cupboard when Ohkura hugged him from the back, holding onto half a hamburger with his mouth. Ryo let it be for a while.

“Woi, your burger’s falling!”

Ohkura let go and took his burger with his hand.

“Oh, sorry."

He went to the living room while Ryo picked out a shirt to wear.

“Ne, Ryo-chan. Can you promise me not to run in the rain again? No matter what situation you’re in?”

Ryo smiled. 

“Ne, Tacchon. Can you promise me not to eat hamburgers for breakfast again? Cause I don’t wanna kiss you with crumbs all over your cheeks.”

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my missing piece ...  
09:24pm 09/10/2010
Title: My Missing Piece
Pairing: OhYass
Summary: Ohkura lost his 'puzzle' piece in his heart and left Yasu alone to search for it.
Author's Note: The story's based on the song Puzzle. I reeeaaallly hope you like it! ^^  
Diclaimer: I don't own any of them

Yasu sat beside the glass window, arms around his legs, staring at the note in his hand.

Goodbye, Shota.

That day I didn’t lose my way. Someday, I want to see you again. I’m looking for that missing piece. I’m looking for it here in Tokyo.

Love, Tacchon.

He hoped Ohkura was still there with him. He hoped Ohkura still had his clothes stacked up nicely beside his in the cupboard. He hoped Ohkura’s entire comb collection is still placed neatly beside his nail polish bottles. But they were all gone, together with those hopes he had for him, those dreams he shared with him, those times he spent with him.

It had been a year since he left. Yasu had been suffering all alone in the darkness. Every time he could not sleep, he would always open up the old photo album. The two of them were there, laughing innocently. He could never forget that special day. That special day when they shared their dream. That special day when they held their heads up high and that special day when they spent the whole day solving the puzzle they bought.

That dream we held on to then. Are we getting closer to it? Are we drifting farther away?

Everyday he went to the east street at around 3. That was where they always met. Even after Ohkura left, he would still go to that place, having the thought that he will be there.

But for one year, he was never there. But, Yasu had never given up hope and went back to that place everyday without fail. Still hanging on to that hope he had. He was sure that one day, he will be there.

Yasu looked at the clock. It was 2.30 pm. He put the note down on the table, took his long coat and went to that place as usual. But this time, it was not usual at all.

A tall figure carrying a bag with a luggage approached him. That figure was familiar. He had seen it somewhere. He watched as the figure became nearer and visible. The figure stopped right in front of him.

“I’ve found it. My missing piece. It’s right here with me. Shota.”

Yasu took a few steps before throwing his arms around Ohkura. He knew that at that moment, he would never be alone. Ever again.

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Catching the clouds with my outstretched hands, that’s my childhood dream.  
11:25pm 07/08/2010
Title: Catching the clouds with my outstretched hands, that's my childhood dream.
Pairing: OhYass
Rating: G
Summary: Ohkura confess his love to his Yasu. :D
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters! 
A/N: The title is taken from the last line of Kanjani8's new song, Aoshashin. Hope you like it!! (:

Ohkura walked along the endless road surrounded by a field of overgrowing grass with his hands in his pockets. He stopped his steps and looked up at the fluffy clouds in the blue sky. He smiled


       Ohkura had always hoped that one fine day, he would be able to hold the clouds in his hands. He had always wanted to grab them, hold them tight and not let them go.


       To Ohkura, nothing can stop him from catching the clouds with his outstretched hands. Not even the birds. Not even the wind. Not even the sky. He will catch it one day before it drifts away with the wind and never come back again. He will never let that happen. Never.


       He put his head back at the normal angle and locked his eyes on the man in front of him. He took a few steps and stretched out both his hands.


       “Catching the clouds with my outstretched hands, that’s my childhood dream.”


       He looked down, and looked up again, saying it confidently.




      There was awkward silence. Yasu stretched out his hands, took a few steps forward and placed his manicured fingers nicely on Ohkura’s. Ohkura planted a smile on his face and by then, he was already grinning from ear to ear.


     He grabbed Yasu’s hands, holding them tightly, not letting them go. The dream he had longed for had finally came true. And he will never let it go. Never.

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10:31pm 11/07/2010
It's the 11th of July!
i'm so sorry, i didn't had the time to create a layout..
i don't have much to talk about Shige..
hmmmm... stay nice always! ...?
yeah, and ShigeMass rock! (though i'm still trying to figure out how is it like..)
yeap, that's it for my birthday wish to Shige!

i'll not be posting for quite a while...
but i'll post my fics once i return!
maybe i'll be like my sis..
she's going on a hiatus because of her assignments..
i might go on a hiatus as my exams are near..
yeah, like in 3 month's time, no, 2 1/2 months.
but the teachers are already cramming our timetable like mad..
so, sayonara~! (:

i'm gonna stay up tonight to watch world cup finals!~
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Massu's birthday! :D  
07:58pm 04/07/2010
Happy 24th Birthday Massu!
Keep eating and being chubby and fat like a pumpkin! :D
I have not much to say here..
You're the most awesome NEWS member and i hope you could keep that awesome-ness :D
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[one shot] SuperYass  
07:42pm 04/07/2010
Title: SuperYass to the rescue!
Pairing: Ohyass :D
Rating: General (:
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
Summary: Okura was being 'tortured' by someone (you'll know later) and Yasu came to his rescue! (:
A/N: I thought Okura was getting skinnier than ever since the Countdown Concert, so i made this fict. But only the first part was my true thoughts though, the rest are purely fiction. (:

Dear Tacchon,

It’s been a long while since I last met you. If only you weren’t busy and we could talk all day long. Anyway, thank you for giving me your picture! :D

It’s really boring without you. I miss you. :( Can you come back soon?

Oh, and by the way, about the picture you sent me..

What happened to you?  What happened to your chubby cheeks? What happened to your flabby arms? Have you been eating well? Did you have at least three meals in a day as I told you to?

You look skinnier than ever, do you know that? You don’t look as fat as you used to be! At first, I didn’t recognize you at all! What happened, Tacchon? Is there any problem there? I’m always here to help you. I can come over if you want me to… :)

Please give me a call once you’ve received this message, alright? :) Please take care and eat well!



~ ~ ~

Okura put the letter down on the table and stood in front of the full-length mirror in the living room. He scanned his reflection from bottom to top.

I am getting skinny, am I?

Someone was coming. His heartbeat was faster than usual. He knew who those footsteps belonged to. It was him. Okura quickly turned away when their eyes met. He stared at the ground, wondering what he was going to say. He prayed hard that he didn’t notice the letter.

“Clean this. After that, get ready for the next scene.”

“Can I have dinner today? I’ve not been eating well since the past few weeks.. I’m a little hungry now. Please?”

“You have to be skinny for this drama, so maintain your meal times. You’re only allowed to eat breakfast and supper, got it?”

Okura stood there helplessly. He was weak. He was hungry. He was nothing but a slave to him. He could not do anything but to obey his orders. When he left, Okura reached for the phone and called Yasu.

“Shota. It’s me.”

“Tacchon! I miss you! When are-”

“Help me.. lane 38.. level 7..-”

“Tacchon? Tacchon?! Are you there?”

He hung up. Yasu was the only person he could count on for now. He was the only contact he had in mind. He was the only one he could count on.

He quickly put down the phone and cleaned the costumes as he was told to. After that, he got ready for his drama shooting.

Okura was putting on his jacket when he saw a rice bowl filled with rice on the table. Okura, also known as the rice-thief, glared at the bowl which seemed to be glowing on the table. He took a step forward. And then another step. And another step, until he finally reached the table. He looked around, checking if he was anywhere near him. When he thought he was safe, he took a pinch of the rice.

As he chewed, he could remember the times when he had proper meals cooked by his beloved Yassan and how much happiness there was in the meal. He slowly gulped down the rice, enjoying every single flavour of it.

“Had enough? I guess you’ll have enough of this too.” he boomed.

He stormed towards Okura with his right arm up, ready to give Okura a spank. Suddenly, the door banged open. A little figure came into view, stamping his feet as he walked towards him.

He grabbed his right arm and glared at him.

“Only Hina have the right to spank us. Get away from my brother!”

“Yassan..” said Okura before he collapsed onto the ground. Maybe it was because he was too frightened.

Yasu took out a long rope he brought from home and tied him up.

“What kind of manager are you?! Are you even qualified to be one?!”

“Shut up, you little brat! And why the heck are you tying me up?!”

“Shut up, you big giant! You’re gonna get what you deserve, evil manager!”

Yasu took out his phone and called the police and the ambulance. Within minutes, they came into the apartment and the police arrested the manager while the paramedics attended to Okura.

~ ~ ~

Okura opened his eyes slowly. Everything was blur. He felt something was attached to his right arm and looked at it. Then he looked at the figure on his left.

“Okura.” the figure said as he held Okura’s left hand.

“Yassan? What happened? Why do I have this thing on my arm? Is it an IV?”

Okura stared at Yasu for a few seconds, recollecting the memory of what happened that day.

“I’m glad you’re safe,” Yasu said in a gentle voice.

“Yeah, that reminds me of something. Since when am I your brother? And how did you arrive that fast?”

“Oh, I was worried about you, so I went to the town where you told me you would be filming. I was lucky when you called to tell the full address. I’ve just reached the town then. And about the brother thing..-”

Yasu stood up, leaned his body towards Tacchon and planted his lips on him.

“You will never be my brother.”

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It's Inoo's Birthday!  
07:25pm 22/06/2010
It's the 22nd and somebody from JUMP is leaving his teenage years and entering adulthood!!!
It's..... our one and only.. Inoo Kei!! :D
may you be puri-puri-pretty always!! (:

*puri-puri-pretty, puri-puri-pretty, puri-puri-pretty* :D
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Poem to Uchi  
12:42am 22/06/2010
Uchi Hiroki

We would never forget the times we had with you
The times when you cried after every concert,
The times when you tried to act cool by holding your tears
But when it fell, your pretty tears became visible
It will always be pretty to us

We would never forget you who are timid
You who would cling on to Ryo when you're in trouble,
You who would wrap your arms around him, finding warmth
But it all ended too soon,
Leaving him alone in a puddle of wishful tears

We would never forget the ones who brought you down
The ones who crippled our group mercilessly,
The ones who made us incomplete
But nothing can change now
But without you, it will never be Kanjani8


NOTE: First paragraph is a reference from a quote Okura said about Uchi. (below) Taken from http://community.livejournal.com/kanjani8_quotes/  , shared by stringless_kites


Uchi is a crybaby. Normally he pretends to be cool, but he has often cried in front of me. At the end of a concert he has also cried, but the tears of that kid were pretty. (laughs)

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first post! :D  
08:04pm 04/06/2010
weee~ it's my first post on my own livejournal!
i've posted some posts on my sister's livejournal though..
i hope my page would not be so boring!
i would like to share the love of JE too! :D
this post would be just the introduction..
please do look forward to the upcoming posts!! ^^
oh, and i hope you could support me along my way in livejournal and give comments for the areas i could improve in!
i would reeeeaaaalllyyy appreciate that! :D

countrymtsm (:
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